We believe internet access should be a basic human right and therefore focus on providing internet to farmers and rural areas. We can also setup custom wireless networks for other services. For instance, we can setup a wireless network on the farm or business premises to connect different sites and security cameras together creating a centre point of operation.


There are areas where we will not be able to provide ADSL or even wireless internet but we can still help with Satellite internet. We install a satellite dish as with DSTV but provide internet access instead of TV. This solution is available anywhere in the country.


ADSL is the basic internet standard known and available to most urban areas. We provide cost effective ADSL access in either capped or uncapped options. Due to our offering the client get further discounts (up to R50 pm) on the ADSL line price charged by Telkom.


IP Security cameras that can be accessed over the internet, from your smart phone while lying in bed or from your computer. Coupled with wireless networks we can install security cameras and systems nearly anywhere. We have assisted a few farmers to install security cameras to monitor their livestock, homes and storage areas. Costs will depend on the requirements of the client and is therefore calculated on a per user basis. Feel free to contact us for a quote.


Enjoy very cheap call rates nationally and internationally. VoIP – Voice over IP. Making calls (or video calls) over the internet to any device and number worldwide at lower costs and from your computer or compatible cell phones or tab. With this service you can make, receive and even forward calls no matter where you are in the world, all you need is internet access and a compatible device. These service costs differ depending on business requirements. Give us a call to determine the best solution for your budget.


Cloud services or software as a service (SaaS) are software solutions provided over the internet and are accessible anywhere in the world and from a wide range of devices. These services lower costs in the purchase and upkeep of expensive server hardware and technicians required to support these servers. Software licensing is a very expensive part of running a business. Some of these costs are avoided when moving to cloud services. We can assist with the setup of known Cloud services like Google Apps for business or Microsoft 365. In some instances companies require custom made services that must integrate with current solutions or above mention providers. There are too many available service offerings to list here and it all depends on the business’ needs. Contact us if you feel the need to become more mobile in order for us to conduct a full requirement session.


Together with our other services Winet Technologies can also host your domain. Although the domain can be hosted with other service providers, we normally suggest hosting the domain with us in order to ensure complete compliance and integration with our other services we provide. Our hosting services start from R25 per month without any traffic limits. Contact us for a detailed quote on your specific requirements.


Whether you need a basic 5 page website just to get a presence on the internet or if you need a full e-commerce website, we can help you. There are a number of factors that determine the price of a website, but we provide basic websites from R 500. Winet Technologies can also provide CMS systems where the client is in control of the content of the website. We create the design and setup the initial website and assist with SEO services and guidance along the way.


The one misconception about websites is that once the website is developed and online, the website will do the rest of the work for you. The truth is the actual pro-active work only starts once the website is live. Social media, search engine optimization and traffic are very important and useful to promote your website on search engines. Winet Technologies will take the online marketing of your website further and work with you to promote and continuously measure the traffic to your site. With online marketing there are tons of statistics available to further improve your ratings and help make better decisions regarding your marketing spend.


With cloud services your website and client management services become much easier. You can easily share and work with your documents in real time and simultaneously. Employees can easily communicate, share and collaborate on documents and measure client interactions. All these services are available wherever and whenever needed and on a variety of platforms and devices. Costs will depend on your business requirements and budget.


Data are lost because proper backup procedures and solutions are not in place. Backups on the same computer and even same premises have no advantage. We can setup the correct solution for your business and pickup daily or weekly backups as needed to ensure offsite backups are secure and done frequently enough for your type of business.


We drive to you and support the customer on their own premises. No need for the customer to unplug their equipment or drive anywhere. This is normally the best solutions as the problem is addressed with all possibilities taken into account.


We resolve a high percentage of problems telephonically and over the internet. This is the quickest and cheapest solution as no one has to leave their office. We connect to your computer and can attend to the problem within seconds. No security risks as the customer have to supply the security code every time we connect. The customer can also see exactly what the technician does on his computer, and even learn in the process.


Don’t have the technical knowledge to resolve small problems relating to other software used in your business. Winet Technologies can assist you and the software company to resolve these problems with ease, either onsite or online.


The customer brings the equipment to our offices and we do the relevant support and repairs


Winet Technologies pride itself in not just selling hardware but selling equipment that will always benefit the client in the long run. We look at price but we keep value for money, longevity and upgrade possibilities in mind. Winet Technologies prefer to focus on products with ‘n long lifespan and exceptional warranties catered specifically for the business person in mind. We know you cannot be without your laptop for weeks on end while warranty repairs are carried out. This ensures that the client saves money and resources over time. Winet Technologies provide a wide variety of hardware devices and equipment ranging from cable converters through to TV’s and cameras. Feel free to give us a call for a quote on your next hardware purchase.


As with the hardware we can provide a range of software applications and also the support thereof. In some instances the 3rd party software provider needs a more technical person to resolve problems. For instance, you might have problems relating to your accounting software database and find it difficult to resolve or communicate with their technical staff. Winet Technologies have helped numerous clients with similar problems and can resolve these type of issues faster.


Keeping printers and computers running at all times can be a daunting task and very frustrating. Winet Technologies can help with most technical problems without anyone leaving your office. With the variety of services described we can resolve your problems in one of three ways.

- Call us to fix it over the internet within minutes

- For the more difficult problems we can come to your premises at no extra cost within Potchefstroom or

- If you want to stretch your legs and visit us, you are more than welcome to bring the problem maker to us


ending marketing emails can quickly rack up a huge amount of email in a short time. Most email providers limit your amount of emails within a certain time frame and can therefore block your domain or email service. No business can go without email days while proving that you do not send SPAM messages.

Winet Technologies can provide bulk email service to send hundreds or even thousands of emails in a short period of time with no risk to your domain or email services. These emails are created in HTML format to ensure most email programs (clients) can display the email correctly.

You simply forward the document/design and client database or we can create a design for you. From there we do the rest. Your database is kept up to date with clients requesting the newsletter and those declining. We can provide statistics of how many clients received and opened the email and even how many clicked on a certain link with in the email.


What is e-waste? This is a greener option of disposing of all your technical junk. From old screens to full computers and backup batteries, these items should be disposed of properly, and can even be recycled. We collect all your “tech-junk” and dispose of it properly.


As with Bulk emailing Winet Technologies can provide various bulk SMS options, whether you need a SMS service on your website or to send notifications to your clients.


Feel free to contact us if you need other technical services that are not necessarily covered in our service description. Being in the technical industry we have the relevant contacts and can provide you with good references.

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