About WiNet Technologies

Winet Technologies’ aim is to become a one stop complete business technology solutions provider for the daily technical needs of small and medium sized businesses. We want to grow our business through great relationships with our satisfied clients, striving to give you the reliability you require and expect.

Winet Technologies can provide a wide range of services ranging from normal technology support for smartphones, tabs and computers through to internet connectivity and cloud services. Our services diagram will shed more light on our service offerings.

Our intentions are to provide great customer service with a focus on long term cost saving while providing the best product possible for the customer’s budget. Long term experience and management in the call centre, procurement and remote support environments, supporting more than a 1000 customers, give us the confidence and experience to provide these services efficiently.

Winet Technologies was started due to the lack of, or very expensive broadband internet access in the rural and farming communities. In partnership with Jireh Technologies we started to provide internet access to the farmers and rural communities and grew from there to provide other services we have relevant experience with.

Winet Technologies expanded to provide support, internet, websites, sales and value added services which make us an all-inclusive technology solutions provider. For this reason we can provide a business with a one stop solution for all their technical needs.

AFRICOM COMMODITIES is the holding entity of a group of companies, all of which are settled within the agricultural sector. With a commitment to sound corporate governance in finances, sales, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and service, the ambition of AFRICOM COMMODITIES is to excel in all these areas making a profound impact and allowing the company name to be synonymous with excellence and integrity

Through years of exposure to, and experience in marketing and sales, we couple formal business education with practical, tried and tested answers to marketing and sales challenges. We stay close to the business of our clients, understanding their vision as well as embracing the culture and philosophy within the company and finally we share the passion they have for their business.  By extending this shared firepower to the marketplace – optimum reach, increased turnover and maximum profitability is ensured.